Med Room Training

Online, at your facility, or in our state of the art training facility, we offer extensive training and support for your med techs at an unprecedented level. We take pride in our training systems, which are tailored to your facilities needs,  and we are looking forward to assisting you and your staff become Title 22 compliant.

Title 22 Compliance

They call us the cleaning crew for a reason. We help you and your staff by doing the dirty work and getting the bugs out of your medication room systems. We offer bi annual extensive audits which usually take 1-2 days, post audit reviews and supportive training, annual in-service lectures,  and medication room clean-ups.

Policies & Procedures

See the work we do and how we integrate with your team to develop systems and solutions that benefit your facility and patients alike.  We do extensive med room system analysis and policy/procedure development to assist with title 22 regulations compliance. We have med techs on staff for shadowing med room staff to assess med room efficiency and compliance

Knowledge, Experience, and Compassion

These are the 3 corner stones of becoming an effective Med Aide.


Knowledge is your ever expanding data base that starts with


Experience comes with time and hard work which allows you to have good judgment and insight.


Compassion comes from the heart and allows us to care for each resident as if it was one of our own family members.